Tree Bookshrlf - a tree becomes book becomes tree
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제조사 : designArtist Shawn Soh
원산지 : R.O.KOREA
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‘A tree becomes a book becomes a tree’

A bookshelf in home no longer has to be just a rectangular piece of furniture; it can now be a piece of art in its own right. This concept was inspired from Designartist Shawn’s early memories of sticking letters on tree branches. Introducing the “Tree Bookshelf”, a tree-themed bookshelf which changes form dynamically as books are stacked up and removed from the tree branches. Books become flowers of the tree, and indeed part of the artwork itself in its day-to-day use.

Material:           Powder coated Metal
Dimension:      W 1500(mm) * H 2160(mm) * D 200(mm)
Weight:             22.5kg








Every product is produced exclusively in the designers own studio. The Tree bookshelf takes one week to produce; every single process (welding and bending etc) is done by hand. Shawn takes pride in the fact that each product is handmade.





















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Why do you use metal as Tree Bookshelf’s material?
To be honest, the shape of a tree doesn’t really match with using metal – Shawn is the kind of person who likes the heavy and warm feeling of tree. The reason behind using metal lies in her heart towards the tree and the environment. Using wood involves a lot of cutting and wasting of trees, and also is hard to recycle. But when it comes to metal, not only is it easily recyclable, but it’s also excellent in terms of functionality.



Benefits of using metal in design
First of all, if I used wood to make the bookshelf, it would no doubt bend and sag due to its own weight, not to mention the cost would skyrocket. Another advantage is that it is light enough for one person to carry. A regular bookshelf is a heavy piece of furniture which requires at least two people to move, but with this choice of material and shape, one person can easily carry the shelf. Lastly, because you can attach it to a wall, it allows you to really maximise your living space.


What does Shawn value when she design?
Shawn captures the subtle feelings that come to her mind through her daily routine, trivial things or objects that probably mean little to other people. Then she uses them in her design by painting and writing a poem. Trivial things and memories are then weaved into a background and story, rearranged, and adapted to her design. This also connects with her design motif, nature and naturalness. Shawn loves animals, trees, and even a single blade of grass because she lives in a city.


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